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IT Consultancy

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Security is not all about the technology, it starts with the Business.
We can work with your business to understand how you work, and put the technology- and the policies, processes, auditing and reporting mechanics in place to give you confidence that your business is in safe hands.
&Partners consultants are experienced experts in the field of Cyber Security and are Cyber Essentials certified, so you can trust you’re getting solid advice- backed not only by guidelines and best practices, but real-world experience.

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&Partners consultants are experienced IT strategy and delivery professionals who can help you realise the benefits, and make the most of your cloud investment.
Whether you're looking for advice on a new or existing cloud initiative, or a Managed Cloud Service, we can deliver the Cloud so that the Cloud can deliver for you. 
No buzzwords, no endless questionnaires, no technical jargon- just all the benefits of the Cloud, delivered.

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&Partners consultants know the importance of architecture, and IT governance within a business.  We can bring this knowledge and experience to your business, helping you drive innovation and value from technology, whilst controlling and reducing expenditure.
Governance is a major part of doing technology ‘right’ and making it work for you, particularly around Security and where standards or regulations are a factor- &Partners can set your business on the right track, and equip you with the tools and knowledge to stay on it.  
And if you don’t want to travel alone, we can be side-by-side with you every step.


&Partners have the experience and expertise to help your business expand leveraging partnership, process and technology to deliver results.
With a particular focus on Cloud Technologies, Security and Architectural Governance, we offer a wide range of services from pure consultancy and advice through to fully managed Cloud, workplace or security services. Either way, you'll get the benefit of our experience and expertise backed by our Silver Microsoft Partner status, and the confidence of knowing you're in safe hands.
If you're a Managed Service Provider looking to add a Security layer to your service offering, &Partners can bring our experience and expertise to you and your customers via our Partnership program.

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We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working internationally. Please get in touch and one of our consultants will contact you about beginning the partnership process.

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