True Cloud Value, Delivered.

You may already be aware of some of the benefits of using Cloud Services, but how to realise those benefits and make the most of your Cloud investment can be a different proposition entirely. We can help.  
From Proof-of-Concept to seamlessly integrated tailored Cloud Services, &Partners experts can help you realise the true value of Cloud for your business.

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Cloud Services need to be managed, maintained and configured just like a traditional IT function. It may be ‘in the Cloud’ but it’s still a part of your Business.

&Partners Managed Cloud Service delivers all the agility and benefits the Cloud can offer, while ensuring good IT governance.

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With a host of subscriptions, and tiers, and service levels typically available with Cloud Services, how can you be sure you are correctly licensed for what you need, and aren’t paying for things you don’t?

Let us know what you need - &Partners will make sure you have the correct licenses in place and costs are tracked and accounted for, so you know what you’re getting from your investment.

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Contrary to many beliefs, security is not inherent with Cloud Services.Done right, Cloud Services can make your business better protected, and more secure - but it’s not up to your Cloud Service provider to do right, that’s up to you. &Partners will make sure you have all the security you need. From initial configuration to threat detection and response, you can be confident your business is in safe hands in the Cloud.

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Your Business is your Business - no matter where your data or resources are. You’ll want to make sure that your existing Policies and Processes are updated to be as relevant to working in the Cloud as they are in other parts of the Business.  

&Partners can ensure that your business and cloud policies are aligned, striking that balance between security and productivity to allow your employees to do their jobs efficiently, and securely.

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Cloud Services are always evolving- new interfaces and new features can be rolled out often with little or no notice, confusing users and giving your IT team a headache.

&Partners will keep track of new functions and releases, so your business can keep on top and is ready to take advantage of new features, instead of being caught out by them.

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If you’re just starting out on your Cloud journey or looking to expand your services, &Partners can help you step-by-step, getting you to the Cloud with confidence.

We can also help you plan and execute your Cloud Proof-of-Concept, making sure you know what you want to achieve and how to measure success as well as how best to make the transition to ‘Live’ once you’ve made your decision.


When it comes to offering functionality to power the Enterprise, Microsoft means Business. Leveraging decades of experience in creating applications and platforms to power businesses of all types and sizes, Microsoft’s Cloud Services offer the flexibility you need to keep your business productive in a world where the ‘workplace’ as we know it could be changing forever.

What could Microsoft Cloud Services managed by &Partners Cloud experts mean for your business?

  • The full Office application suite from any location and any device without reducing control or increasing risk with Microsoft 365
  • Realisation of cost savings and lower overheads by reducing physical IT infrastructure footprint
  • The benefit of Microsoft's Security investment and resources with Cloud-based, AI-driven Enterprise-class Azure Sentinel security platform.
  • The latest features, functionality and security updates, automatically, as they are released.
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&Partners have the experience and expertise to make the most of your Cloud investment to ensure it delivers value to your Business.

Whether you’re just starting to think about moving to Cloud or are already consuming Cloud Services, from developing policies and processes to tailoring Security - we’ve got you covered.  You'll get the benefit of our experience and expertise backed by our Silver Microsoft Partner status, and the knowledge that the Cloud is working for you.

If you're a Managed Service Provider looking to add Cloud Management to your service offering, &Partners can bring our experience and expertise to you and your customers via our Partnership program.  Get in touch, let's talk.

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We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working internationally. Please get in touch and one of our consultants will contact you about beginning the partnership process.

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