Seamless Productivity from anywhere.

When your business resources can be distributed between the Cloud and on-premises, and your staff can be almost anywhere, managing access and maintaining control can be challenging.
&Partners can manage your modern workplace for you, making sure that your employees get the same experience with the same functionality wherever they are and whatever device they use.

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The ‘workplace’ as we know it has evolved. 

Are you wondering how you can give your workers the flexibility to be productive, regardless of their location or device, but without compromising security, reporting, and control?

We've got you. 


It matters. Your users need to be as comfortable, equipped, and able to do their job no matter where they are or what they use. Providing the same user experience - a familiar desktop, access to the same files, folders and applications is an essential part of the true modern workplace.

How best to provide a modern workplace experience will depend on your business, &Partners can work with you to ensure that you implement the right solutions for you and your staff - giving them the flexibility to do their job from any location and any device.

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Security and usability are often at odds with each other, and it can be difficult to strike the right balance. Too strict, and productivity will take a hit or worse, staff will find their own easier and less secure workarounds to your controls. Too lax, and you potentially expose your business to serious Information Security risks.

&Partners can help you find the right balance, and the right solutions to keep your business secure, whilst keeping the focus purely on the end-user.

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So what if they’re not in the same room, same building or even on the same continent? Your teams should still be able to work effectively together, &Partners can help you put the right tools in place to enable just that.

Sharing ideas and resources regardless of distance or device means your teams can always keep in touch wherever they are, creating a seamless team ‘workspace’ independent of physical boundaries.

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Maintaining consistent forms of communication both within the business and between you and your customers is absolutely key with a modern workplace environment. The ability to make and receive calls, send emails and hold voice or video conference calls is essential, regardless of being in an office with a desk phone and conference suites or at home with a laptop or mobile, your workers need to be available. The experience for your employees, as well as anyone who contacts them, should be exactly the same, &Partners can help make this a reality.

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As a Silver Microsoft Partner, &Partners consultants are experienced and qualified in delivering the Microsoft solution stack to all sizes and types of businesses.

We’ll make sure the right solutions are in place for your business, meaning you get all the benefits of Microsoft Cloud Services and solutions leaving all the configuration and management to us.

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A fully functional Office suite accessible from anywhere and any device, M365 can provide a familiar user experience with functionality tailored to specific users, with all the security and control of a managed endpoint solution.

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Collaboration and communication regardless of location or device, Teams will keep your teams connected with each other and your clients. Constantly evolving and improving, as a Software-as-a-Service offering Teams is automatically updated with new features and functionality- we can help your workforce make the most of the Teams difference.

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Offering cloud-based centralised authentication and authorisation for all your business applications, Azure offers security and control at Cloud-scale keeping your employees and your business safe, regardless of where they are.

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The modern workplace is constantly evolving- new solutions, new features are constantly being introduced. On the face of it this is a positive- however how can you make sure you prepare your business and your staff for new features, and potentially a change to how they need to work?

&Partners will manage your modern workplace today whilst preparing for tomorrow. Is there new functionality on the roadmap that could benefit your business?  We’ll work with you to test it and plan for rollout. Is there a change in User Interface that could catch your users out?  We can plan for it in advance so there are no surprises.

We believe that in such a fast-evolving technology landscape that the modern workplace is built on, finding a partner who can work with you to provide a service as opposed to delivering a set of tech that serves as a snapshot of both your business and the available solutions is as important as the technology itself. Your Business won’t remain static, and as it grows and move forward &Partners can be with you every step of the way to support you and your workforce, making sure they can do their job effectively and power your business forward.

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We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working internationally. Please get in touch and one of our consultants will contact you about beginning the partnership process.

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